We’re more than a team, we’re a family. When we hire someone we’re not just recruiting them for their unique skill-set or expertise, we’re adopting them into that family. For this reason, Intertel’s staff have the final say as to who gets hired (and also who gets fired). After routine interviews and vetting by our Human Resources and Intellectual Capital team, a short-list of candidates will spend a casual Saturday with the team. Everyone, from an intern to a director will have the opportunity to interact with, observe, quiz, test, challenge and joke around with each hopeful. Everyone has an equal vote regardless of position or seniority. You see, we’re hiring you for you. Being the best or the brightest in your field will only be enough to get our attention, and perhaps a foot in the door, but that alone isn’t enough to earn a place in our family. As a business, we’re obviously after talented individuals, specialists and experts who can add value and make a positive difference. We look for natural leaders with big ideas, big hearts and big ambitions. As individuals we’re looking for a person that we can trust, that we can bond with, that we can believe in. In short, unless you’re THE TOP DOG (Trustworthy, Honest, Empathetic, Thoughtful, Original, Passionate, Dependable, Open and Genuine) you need not apply. Do you have what it takes? Awesome, get in touch.

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