Spoofing calls and messages

Cybercrime is real and it is growing rapidly in terms of scale and reach. Any person connected to the Internet of things must take precautions to limit the amount of information that is available online and to secure devices and systems against hackers and malware. Recovering from identity theft or a hacking incident can be costly and exhausting but prevention is relatively easy and cheap. Apart from cybercrime, having one’s personal information available to spammers and unscrupulous telemarketers can be annoying at best. Intertel’s products in this category are designed to keep your private information safe, deter cybercriminals, defend against attacks and generally strengthen your security posture.


Spoofing a call, SMS or fax allows the caller or sender to alter the telephone number that is displayed to the receiver so that it appears to have come from a different telephone number than the one it actually originated from. For most people, this would have no practical use except perhaps to prank a friend or relative, but for some, keeping their telephone number a secret may be justified – it may even be a matter of life or death – and for those people we have a number of spoofing products available.

Spoofing Solutions

WARNING If you’re a crook or if you have any intention of using these solutions for criminal, antisocial, or inappropriate activities or any purpose that is meant to defraud, extort, coerce, harass, threaten, insult, bully, intimidate, stalk or cause another person distress then think again. While the receiving party may not know where the call or message came from, the authorities can trace the communication back to us, and we will cooperate with any legal request for your details. For this reason, an identity check is conducted before the spoofing services are activated.

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