Untraceable Stealth Mobile

Untraceable Stealth Mobile

The USM (Untraceable Stealth Mobile) is designed to protect you against surveillance – even the most aggressive forms of interception and monitoring.  The USM is able to automatically change its IMEI number, to detect and protect against location tracking and GSM interception technologies such as IMSI grabbers, and it offers hyper privacy protections, including being able to send encrypted messages and automatically delete its media.  The USM’s major features are:
  • Automatic IMEI change
  • Location tracking protection
  • Encrypted SMS messages
  • Automatic memory erasure
  • GSM interception detection

How does automatic IMEI change improve stealth?

Each time you connect to a mobile network, make a call or send a text, the service provider is able to capture certain information about your mobile device, your SIM card and the phone number linked to that SIM card.  This information is then used to target your communications and communication-related information for surveillance purposes.  The information of most importance is:
  • IMSI – unique identification number of your SIM card
  • IMEI – unique identification number of your mobile device
  • MSISDN – your unique mobile phone number
If you change your handset but keep your SIM card then the service provider will be able to link your new IMEI to your existing IMSI and surveillance can continue.  Likewise, if you change your SIM card but keep the same handset, the new IMSI will be linked to you through the common IMEI and any communications with the new SIM will be traceable.  For complete stealth you would need to, as a starting point, change both the handset and the SIM card on a regular basis.  The obvious issue with this is cost.  Having to get a new handset just to change the IMEI number is impractical, and a key benefit of the USM is its ability to change the IMEI number on the fly – meaning you never need a new phone.

What is GSM interception detection and location tracing protection for?

GSM interception is the interception of your mobile communications over the air.  How this is achieved is using a man-in-the-middle attack.  A device, which pretends to be a local cellphone tower (BTS) is set up.  GSM devices are designed to hop from cell to cell and routinely ping nearby towers to determine the appropriate BTS to connect to.   The phone is unable to distinguish a regular BTS from a ghost BTS as it provides all the necessary authentications and handshakes.  Once your device has connected to the fake BTS your location, calls and messages can be captured.  Although GSM devices use encryption to protect the content of your communications, that encryption algorithm has been cracked and a professional GSM interception appliance would have no difficulty decrypting your communications in real-time.   The USM is able to detect and refuse connections with fake BTS and other network endpoints.  

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