Trace Phone Numbers in Minutes

Tracing numbers using InterTrace

Step 1

Go to

To start tracing a number, head over to

InterTrace is Intertel’s online phone number tracing service. If you don’t see a screen that looks like the one to the right then you’re at the wrong place. Check that you have typed https:// in front of the address and not http://.

tracing process step 1

Step 2

Enter the number you want to trace
Choose how to receive the trace results

Right, welcome to InterTrace. You’ll start by entering the phone number that you want to trace. I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will: please make sure that you type the number in carefully. Tracing the wrong number will get you the wrong information and that would be a waste of your money and time.

After adding your number you will choose how the results will be sent to you. You can choose to have the information sent by email or by SMS (or both) by selecting the box so that a green arrow appears (see the image to the right)

tracing process step 3

Step 3

Enter your name and contact information

You need to enter your first name, surname, email address and cellphone number. This information is needed for two reasons:

to process your payment with
To send you the results via email and SMS

Your privacy is assured. Your details are not stored or used for any other purpose

tracing process step 3

Step 4

Confirm all the details are correct

Last chance to make sure that you haven’t made a mistake with the number you want traced – or with your own details. Please check that everything is correct before proceeding to pay. Once payment has been made your trace will be processed and it will be too late to make a change. Click on the PAY button when you’re ready.

tracing process step 4

Step 5

Choose a payment method

For the payment, you are sent to, a secure South African payment processing company. We do not process your payment ourselves and have no access to your credit card or banking information. Payfast offers a variety of payment methods, including credit card, EFT, Bitcoin and uKash. Choose a payment method on the right-hand-side of the screen to finalize your purchase.

tracing process step 5

Step 6

Complete the payment

Once your payment has been made you will be shown a “payment successful” screen on that looks like the picture to the right. If you don’t see this screen then your payment hasn’t been completed and you should contact or call 0861729327 for assistance. The “payment successful” screen will show for a few seconds and then will send you back to our website automatically.

tracing process step 6

Step 7

Thank you for purchasing

Thank you for purchasingOnce your payment has been made your trace will be processed and the results will be delivered to your email and/or mobile phone. If you don’t receive the results within a few minutes then get in touch with us. Before you do, make sure that you’ve checked your email’s spam or junkmail folder and your phone’s messages inbox.

tracing process step 7

Step 8

Receive your results

Here are the results as sent to my email. If your email program or app allows HTML emails then the results will be nicely formatted as they are to the right. If your email is displayed as text only then it won’t look quite so pretty. Nonetheless, you will have the information you were after, and that afterall is the most important thing.

tracing process step 8

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